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Major Data Breaches Of 2016   

Data Breaches are incidents in which cybercriminals gain access to confidential information through various malicious cyber techniques. The occurrence of data breaches has increased to a great extent these days. Various Data Breaches occurred in the year 2016.

How Do Thieves Steal An Identity? Identity Theft Information

How do thieves steal an identity? A very common question asked by most of the people who have either been a victim or have seen somebody being a victim of identity theft. Identity Theft information is the only source through which one can identify the crime.

Are You a Stolen Identity Refund Fraud Victim?

What is Stolen Identity Refund Fraud (SIRF)? Stolen Identity Refund Fraud (SIRF), also known as identity theft tax refund fraud is a type of identity fraud. In this scam, an identity thief uses your identity to file taxes and claim fraudulent refunds.

Threats to data security and data integrity

Threats to data security and data integrity have increased significantly in the past few years. In today’s world, it is important for each and every organisation to protect its information due to its confidentiality and privacy. The terms data security and data integrity are related to each other.

Biggest Cyber Security Threats and Tips For Prevention

Cyber security threats are well known to everyone, these threats take away your computer security or IT security. Cyber security is the process of protecting computer programs, networks, and data from theft, damage, etc. It is very important to protect ourselves from cyber security threats as it could lead to identity theft.

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