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Major Data Breaches Of 2016   

Data Breaches are incidents in which cybercriminals gain access to confidential information through various malicious cyber techniques. The occurrence of data breaches has increased to a great extent these days. Various Data Breaches occurred in the year 2016.

Keep Calm! Because Santa Claus Is Coming To Town…

Let’s resolute to avoid identity theft the coming New Year by sharing the word with maximum people we can. In the last year, the identity thieves were too active and committed data breaches and did not slow down throughout.

Are You An American? If Yes, Then You Can Be The Next Identity Theft Victim

Identity theft is a severe crime emerging these days. Anyone can be the next identity theft victim. The impact of identity theft on people is widespread. ID Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, specifically in the United States.

Identity Score – How It Protects You?

What is an identity score? An identity score is a method for detecting identity theft. It basically identifies whether a person is really the person who he/she claims to be.

Threats to data security and data integrity

Threats to data security and data integrity have increased significantly in the past few years. In today’s world, it is important for each and every organisation to protect its information due to its confidentiality and privacy. The terms data security and data integrity are related to each other.

Recent Data Breaches That Claims Your Attention

By having a look at the recent data breaches, you can understand the impact of data breaches on the companies. Several data breaches have occurred in the past year and have affected the companies extremely.

Preventing ID Theft While Travelling

Identity theft is an increasing problem today because of the advanced technology. While you travel, the risk of identity theft is very much. So, how can you protect your identity while travelling? Watch the following video and find out.

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