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National Identity Theft Prevention And Awareness Month

National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month is the month for increasing awareness on identity theft and becoming more alert. December is National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month. It is an ideal time to think about identity theft, data breaches, and other fraud issues.

Identity Theft Insurance – Is It Really Worth?

What is Identity Theft Insurance? Identity Theft Insurance is a way to recover from losses occurred for restoring your identity from identity theft. It provides financial compensation to ID theft victims which is required in clearing their name from identity theft.

Cash Trapping? Skimmers? The Sneaky ATM Fraud!

ATM frauds happen most of the times these days because nowadays the old tricks like the matchstick trick, sleek trick to the pouch and glue stick trick have become outdated.

The Rise of Identity Theft- Are You Safe?

The rise of identity theft is a sure problem for the people living in the USA. Identity theft is increasing day by day and affecting numerous US citizens. Identity thieves are looking for newer ways to exploit individuals. There are hundreds of methods known to them for stealing an identity.

Top 5 Celebrities Affected By Identity Theft !!

Celebrity identity theft is not new in the world of identity theft as identity thieves often target celebrities because of their fame and wealth. Yes, even celebrities are not immune to identity theft. High profile celebrities such as movie actors, sportspersons, politicians, business tycoons and TV personalities also fell for identity theft.

Mail Fraud – All You Need To Know

What is Mail Fraud? Mail fraud is an attempt to commit any type of fraud by using the United States Postal Service (USPS) or some private or commercial interstate mail carrier. In this crime, the criminal uses mails to defraud someone of money, property, etc.

Credit Card Fraud – How To Protect Yourself?

What is credit card fraud? Credit card fraud is a type of identity theft in which an individual’s credit card information is used in an unauthorized manner for fraudulent purposes. It is a very common type of fraud which happens in a variety of ways.

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