Top 5 Celebrities Affected By Identity Theft !!

Celebrity identity theft is not new in the world of identity theft as identity thieves often target celebrities because of their fame and wealth. Yes, even celebrities are not immune to identity theft. High profile celebrities such as movie actors, sportspersons, politicians, business tycoons and TV personalities also fell for identity theft.

“My Vulnerable clients” The Thief Says

College Identity theft is one such theft where the victims are ignorant and easy targets for the thieves. The students are least bothered about such adversities of theft

The Rise of Identity Theft- Are You Safe?

The rise of identity theft is a sure problem for the people living in the USA. Identity theft is increasing day by day and affecting numerous US citizens. Identity thieves are looking for newer ways to exploit individuals. There are hundreds of methods known to them for stealing an identity.

She Impersonated to be Me and Wrecked My Life Online!

Social media identity theft is one such term that not only takes away your personal life but also ruins your social status.

Couple Died Yet Both Were Found Shopping Electronics!

It seems frightening, the couple died and still kept shopping costly electronics even after their death… It isn’t a joke, Deceased identity theft is common since years and goes unnoticed for years

Warning!! You May be Headed to a Divorce…

Spousal identity theft is one such theft that can be so unfortunate and sudden to happen when two people are involved with each other in witness of the whole community. In the institution of marriage, there is a lot of money involved

Cyber Vandalism, an Artwork of Cyber Threat To People

What is Cyber/Computer vandalism? Cyber-Vandalism accounts to the act of damaging someone’s data from the computer that in a way disrupts the victim’s business or image due to editing the data into something invasive, embarrassing or absurd.

Identity Proofing – How It Affects You?

What is Identity Proofing? Identity proofing is the process of confirming identity of an individual and at the same time identifying the attributes which may pose security issues. It is also recognized as identity verification or identity vetting. It’s a real-time, electronic process that validates the personal information provided by a user.

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