Top 5 Celebrities Affected By Identity Theft !!

Celebrity identity theft is not new in the world of identity theft as identity thieves often target celebrities because of their fame and wealth. Yes, even celebrities are not immune to identity theft. High profile celebrities such as movie actors, sportspersons, politicians, business tycoons and TV personalities also fell for identity theft.

CEO Fraud – Beware! It May Get You Fired

What is CEO Fraud? CEO Fraud is a fraud or scam in which a cyber-criminal who appears to be the boss of the company tricks an employee at the organization by sending a fake email for transferring funds. CEO fraud, also known as Business Email Compromise (BEC), is very easy to commit. It doesn’t require

Business Failed; Owner Jailed… Another One Bites The Dust

Business identity theft is not something very common that people must have heard about. Businesses are all about selling your services or products and capture the target audience that would go out and buy your service or product.

Cyber Hygiene – Your Guide To Web Security

Cyber Hygiene is the incorporation of various security measures to protect yourself and your information online from cyber crooks. In this digital age, we depend on computers and modern gadgets for so many aspects of our lives. Therefore, we need to be proactive and vigilant to protect ourselves against cyber threats.

Master Password Saved My Computer from Theft Attacks!!

Using a password manager is one of the best ways to enjoy the safety traits in your computer. Your password has to be strong and unique, this ensures it is not likely to be stolen or hacked.

Mortgage Identity Theft – Is Your House Your Own?

What is Mortgage Identity Theft? Mortgage Identity Theft combines identity theft & mortgage fraud and becomes a new kind of fraud, also known as house stealing. It is the most dangerous form of identity theft as it amounts to the most money lost and is also the most devastating to the individuals.

Holiday Identity Theft- Everything You Need To Know

Holiday identity theft may happen to you while you are out to shop for your relatives and make them happy. The moment you leave your house to shop outside,

Are You An American? If Yes, Then You Can Be The Next Identity Theft Victim

Identity theft is a severe crime emerging these days. Anyone can be the next identity theft victim. The impact of identity theft on people is widespread. ID Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world, specifically in the United States.

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