Managing and Securing data to Prevent Intentional Destruction

Managing and securing data is a very critical and important task. The data could be either your online data or data stored on your devices. Securing data not only involves preventing its access from unauthorized people but also preventing its accidental or intentional destruction.

Medical Identity Theft Case, Woman delivered a baby using stolen identity

Medical identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information to acquire medical care, submit false bills, or buy drugs in your name.

Story of an Identity Theft Victim and His Huge Loss

This is the story of Amy Krebs, a resident of Ohio who became an identity theft victim. What happened with the victim? In February 2013, Krebs received a phone call on Friday evening from a major credit card company asking her to call them. She received the same call the day before,

High Risk of Targets Through Mobile Phone Identity Theft

What is mobile phone identity theft? Mobile phone identity theft is a type of identity theft which is very easy to commit and is also very lucrative. The mobile phone technology and its easy availability at low prices have enabled almost everyone to use it.

Radio Frequency Identification Identity Theft

What is RFID Identity Theft? RFID identity theft is a type of identity theft in which the identity thieves steal the personal information of individuals wirelessly.

Internet Security, Your Shared Information Leaked

Internet security is the branch of computer security related to the internet. It is the process which defines the rules and regulations to protect against internet attacks. It also involves browser security.

Ghosting ldentity Theft, Your Strange Hidden Enemy

Ghosting identity theft, a strange kind of identity theft, affects millions of Americans every year. According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), every year identities of 2.5 million deceased American are stolen. Identity theft is not just a problem for the living people only, but even the deceased have to suffer.

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